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the ultimate guide to the best ai video editor 2024 edition

Best AI Video Editor of 2024

Creating engaging video content in 2024 requires powerful AI tools. As technology advances, AI video editors provide creators with innovative ways to easily make high-quality videos. This guide explores the 14 best AI video editors and generators in 2024—with as the top recommendation.

Why Read This Guide on the Best AI Video Editors?

Video creation eats up precious time. Editing video clips, adding effects, creating scenes, and more demand extensive manual work. This article summarizes the top AI video editing tools that automate and enhance video creation in 2024.

Discover how AI capabilities transform video editing this year. Learn how to simply produce captivating video content with minimal effort using AI video editors. Discover the best AI video generators that create videos for you with just text, audio, images or basic direction.

The Best AI Video Editor in 2024: invideo AI

invideo AI is the leading AI-powered online video editing platform in 2024. It makes producing professional, high-quality video content fast, easy and efficient.

Effortless Video Editing With Advanced AI Capabilities

Invideo provides state-of-the-art AI tools for automating every step of the video creation workflow:

  • AI Video Templates – Choose from dozens of AI video templates for business, social media, ads, introductions, explainers and more. Modify to your needs.
  • AI Video Editor – Automatically trim, split, arrange clips. Add customized text, filters, transitions, effects, animations, logos, dynamic backgrounds, and professional color correction.
  • AI Video Summarizer – Condense longer videos into short shareable versions using AI analysis. Great for social media.
  • AI Voice-Over Generator – Create a human-like voice-over from text for your video. Supports 50+ languages.
  • AI Subtitle Generator – Auto-generate subtitles in multiple languages powered by AI.
  • AI Video SEO Optimizer – Optimize videos for YouTube and Google searches with AI-selected titles, tags and descriptions.

With invideo, you get a powerful AI video editing suite to enhance creativity while saving hours of manual work.

Benefits of Choosing As Your AI Video Editor

What makes Invideo the top AI video editing platform?

  • Creative Freedom – Make any video you want with flexible tools rather than limited templates
  • Browser-Based Convenience – Edit, produce and download videos completely online. No software is needed.
  • Collaborative Features – Comments, approvals, version history. Great for teams.
  • Robust Media Library – 1M+ stock videos, images, audio, fonts, icons and more to enhance videos
  • Advanced Export Options – Download videos with no watermarks in any resolution and aspect ratio up to 4K
  • Great Value – Free and premium plans. Get features like unlimited exports, cloud storage, priority support and more by upgrading.

For powerful video editing automation combined with creative possibilities, is the best AI video editor available in 2024.

#2 Pick: Kapwing – Top AI Creative Platform

Kapwing is a leading online media creation and editing platform driven by AI capabilities. It provides user-friendly tools to produce video, images, GIFs, and audio mashups.

AI to Streamline Media Editing

Kapwing comes with a wide array of AI features:

  • Smart Cut – Automatically trim videos and stitch together the best parts
  • Smart Crop – Identify and crop the key subject in images
  • Auto Subtitle – Add subtitles to videos using AI text recognition
  • Auto Text-to-Speech – Generate synthetic voice-overs from text
  • Auto Image Enhance – Instantly fix and improve images with AI
  • Auto Audio Enhance – Clean up audio clips and remove background noise
  • Auto Montage – Create dynamic video montages with AI
  • Magic Effects – Access cool video effects like lightning, explosions and more

With its creative AI tools, Kapwing makes producing media content incredibly fast and efficient.

Why Choose Kapwing for AI Video Editing

Some top reasons to use Kapwing include:

  • Easy Media Import – Import videos, images, audio from device, cloud drives, URLs, record webcam
  • Intuitive Interface – Simple drag-and-drop editing
  • 2000+ Media Elements – GIF stickers, icons, shapes, illustrations
  • GIF & Meme Maker – Create engaging GIFs and memes
  • Social Media Tools – Tailor and export videos for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok
  • Real-Time Preview – Watch edits take place live
  • Secure Cloud Storage – Store media assets securely in the cloud
  • Collaboration Features – Simultaneously edit projects with team members
  • Free and Paid Plans – Generous free version. Upgrade for more capabilities.

For those seeking a user-friendly platform for AI-enhanced media creation, Kapwing is an excellent choice in 2024 and beyond.

#3 Recommendation: Runway – Leading AI Video Generator Or The best AI Text-to-Video Generator

Runway provides a collection of the most advanced AI models for generating the best video content with minimal effort. It makes creating professional video assets highly automated.

Revolutionary Video Generation Powered by AI

Some ways Runway leverages AI for next-level video creation include:

  • Image2Video – Generate multi-scene videos from images
  • Text2Video – Create dynamic video content just from text descriptions and direction
  • Drawing2Video – Turn doodles and sketches into video animations
  • Vid2Vid – Alter attributes of existing videos like camera angle, lighting, resolution
  • Super Res – Upscale pixelated videos to sharp HD quality

Runway provides almost magical video generation capabilities through AI. With intuitive inputs like text, images or drawings, anyone can output production-grade video content on this platform.

Why Use Runway for AI Video Generation

Reasons why Runway will lead AI video generation in 2024:

  • Cutting-Edge AI Models – Continuously train and update models on latest techniques
  • Cloud-Based Convenience – Run fully in the browser. No installation needed.
  • Detailed Control Options – Fine-tune AI models for customization
  • Active Community – Connect and collaborate with other creators
  • Generous Free Tier – Access many key AI models without payment
  • Fair Pricing – Affordable subscription plans for premium features
  • Industry Use Cases – Leveraged by media teams, marketers, educators, engineers

For those seeking to tap into the true power of AI for effortless professional video creation, Runway delivers the most advanced capabilities today.

Movavi – Capable AI Video Editor for Creators

Movavi Video Editor Plus is a capable AI-infused video editing software for Windows and Mac. It provides strong tools to help video creators, vloggers, social media managers and marketers.

Key AI Video Capabilities

Movavi comes with a solid set of AI features:

  • Auto Montage Wizard – Stitch together video clips automatically
  • Auto Color Grading – One click professional color correction
  • Auto Audio Cleanup – Remove background noise easily
  • Auto Beat Detection – Makes it easy to sync video to the beat of music tracks for dynamic pacing
  • Auto Slideshow – Quickly generate multi-photo slideshows
  • Auto Caption Detection – Convert speech in videos into text captions

These AI tools help accelerate video editing workflows. Movavi also provides expected standard features like transitions, filters, text overlays, animation effects, and more.

Movavi Strengths for Video Projects

What makes Movavi a strong contender among AI video software?

  • Multi-Track Timeline – Advanced timeline editing
  • Chroma Key Tool – Seamlessly layer in different backgrounds
  • GIF Export – Download as animated GIFs to use across social
  • Built-In Media – 100+ backgrounds, stickers, animated elements
  • Screen Recorder – Capture and integrate screen recordings
  • Sharing Options – Export for TVs, web, and mobile devices
  • Transitions & Effects – 100+ transition options, stylized video

For creators working on multiple video projects – vlogs, social media, marketing, presentations and more – Movavi delivers excellent quality and flexibility powered by AI to boost productivity.

Experimenting With Generative AI Video

Movavi also represents the chance for everyday video editors to experiment with generative AI techniques. This includes using text prompts to automatically create video sequences, backgrounds, visual effects, and more.

As these AI algorithms from companies like Anthropic and Google Brain improve over time, Movavi plans to work towards integrating generative video capabilities into its editing workflow. Exciting innovations that could enable creators to instantly materialize ideas and written narrative into video form with little effort.

For prosumers, Movavi delivers perhaps the best combination of manual editing control and AI assistance. It makes producing high-quality video content efficient across devices and platforms. As it builds out more generative AI features soon, it will open creative possibilities for what video can become.

Specialized AI Tools for Different Video Needs

Beyond the top 3 general AI video editors highlighted already, there are more specialized tools worth mentioning:

Pictory – AI Video Creation from Documents

Pictory is an AI video generator targeted at businesses offering a free trial to attract new users. It creates videos from blogs, articles, documents, presentation decks, and more.

It uses advanced NLP techniques to analyze text content. Then it automatically generates a video script, professional voice-over audio, relevant B-roll video footage, and background music. This automates the most labor-intensive video creation tasks.

Pictory saves immense time and resources for teams producing lots of explanatory and marketing content. It has great potential to enhance video presence for brands in 2024.

Toonly – Easy Animated Video Maker

Toonly provides a dead-simple tool for producing animated videos. It makes video storytelling highly engaging.

It comes loaded with dozens of animated video templates for various use cases – promotions, real estate, e-commerce, personal uses, and more. Users can then easily customize these templates by adding their text, images, colors, and messaging to produce the best video for their needs.

Toonly also has multi-language support and an array of lively characters to star in videos. The platform empowers anyone to create fun, dynamic animated videos within minutes. It brings engagement and personality to messages.

Vizmato – Intelligent Mobile Video Editor

Vizmato focuses specifically on video editing apps for smartphone users. The tool provides professional editing capabilities like trimming, filters, effects, text, transitions and more – optimized for mobile. iOS or Android App

Vizmato stands out with AI-powered features like facial recognition. This lets users quickly auto-tag people appearing in videos via machine learning algorithms. There is also an AI video summarization tool to condense longer videos into concise highlights.

For those seeking to vlog, create social media content, and edit video on the go directly from mobile devices rather than desktops, Vizmato delivers a capable AI video editor. The mobile-first design and unique AI capabilities make video creation highly convenient.

Biteable – Animated Video Builder Needs No Skills

Biteable makes it easy for any content creator to create sleek animated videos, regardless of experience level. It comes packed with professional animation video templates covering testimonials, ads, social media posts, introductions, and more. Users then customize these templates by uploading their own logo, images/video clips, and adding text.

It also provides a huge media library with over 100,000 animations, images, graphics, and icons to spice up video content. Other useful features include free commercially licensed music, seamless social media integration to promote videos, collaboration tools, and detailed analytics.

For those seeking to quickly produce eye-catching branded animated videos without needing design skills, Biteable is a leading AI tool in 2024. Its simplicity paired with customization makes quality video animation highly accessible.

Renderforest – Free Animated Logo and Video Maker

Renderforest is a free online graphic and video design platform driven by AI. It provides an array of templates, tools, and stock media for creating videos, logos, mockups, and other visual content.

Renderforest is essentially a do-it-yourself animation studio. It empowers anyone to craft broadcast or social media ready video content, animated logos, GIFs and graphical social posts. This helps businesses, personal brands and everyday users level up their visual presence.

With Renderforest’s user-friendly interface and wealth of high-quality templates, video animation and graphical creation is greatly simplified for all.

Emerging AI Innovations Advancing Video

Beyond the tools outlined above, there are also some highly promising niche AI video players beginning to make their mark:

Synthesia – AI-Powered Video Using Avatars

Synthesia provides advanced AI avatar technology for automatically generating lifelike video content. Users simply upload a photo of themselves and record a few minutes of video footage with ai technology. Synthesia’s algorithms then create a realistic digital doppelgänger which can be customized.

Once set up, the AI avatar can synthesize authentic-looking videos showing the avatar naturally speaking content fed as text or audio files. The avatar captures subtle emotions and expressions. This creates new ways to connect with audiences by humanizing online communications.

Imagen Video – Text to Video Generation

Imagen Video represents an exciting AI technique for generating video content straight from text descriptions, a leap in video production technology. Launched in 2022 by research lab Anthropic, it is still in limited beta testing. However, Tier 1 access will eventually be included free for students to spur responsible development.

The possibilities of Imagen Video are immense. It points to a future where written ideas can be instantly transformed into dynamic video assets for education, marketing, entertainment and beyond. As the AI editing technology improves, it may become a baseline tool for video creators in the late 2020s.

D-ID – AI to Animate Portraits

D-ID from Israel provides niche AI capabilities for bringing still images to life. Its video reenactment technology can animate faces in portraits to mimic natural motions like blinks, face tilts and more. Artists and photographers could use this to enhance engagement for print works converted to screens.

Additionally, the AI animation can generate lip-syncing effects on photos based on an uploaded voice recording. Altogether D-ID signals new media possibilities on the horizon.

Key Takeaways – Best AI Video Editors in 2024

The landscape of AI video editors is expanding rapidly. Here are the critical points covered in this guide:

  • is the top AI video editing platform available in 2024 – easy for all users yet provides advanced creative options.
  • Kapwing and Runway also deliver great AI automation features for multimedia creation, showcasing some of the best AI tools available.
  • Specialized AI video tools like Pictory, Toonly and Vizmato serve specific use cases extremely well.
  • Emerging niches like synthetic video avatars, text-to-video, and photo animation provide a glimpse into the future.
  • AI will keep providing more ways for anyone to effortlessly produce high-quality, professional video content.

The right AI tools can save video creators and teams tremendous time while inspiring greater creativity. This guide summarized the spectrum of options to consider leveraging AI video capabilities in 2024 and beyond.